Saturday, August 20, 2016

2206. 75¢ words

When I ape Little Lord Fauntleroy
My intent's to bring unalloyed joy.
Using terms recondite
I attempt to delight
Those who've risen above hoi polloi.

The use of uncommon words herein is part of the reason this blog isn't read more widely.  However, I refuse to "dumb it down" (though that may sporadically and unintentionally occur.)  Thanks to my other posters for keeping the bar raised.


  1. Those above hoi polloi, as you've seen
    Are fewer and farther between.
    So a 'big word' omission
    Is not a submission
    To dumbing it down; that sounds mean.

    Your intelligence still will shine through
    Without uncommon words to aid you
    Well, I have to admit
    That your wisdom and wit
    Is already a hit, tried and true.

    Why appease just the erudite few
    When the rest want to understand too
    All still know that you're smart
    That a lim'rick's an art
    And so, for the most part, I do too!

    See? My own vocab's sometimes inept
    Yet it's what you still seem to accept
    Have I kept the bar raised?
    For at times I've been praised
    Though my word list, at times, may have slept.

  2. "Using tems recondite"
    I looked up 'tems' and couldn't find anything of relevance. Either there is something I've missed, or, you meant to write 'terms' instead of 'tems'. Correct me anytime.

  3. Typo, Suz. Thanks for catching it. Just made the emendation..., aka "the fix is in."