Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2216. The first five to survive

Annette was the first to be sent,
Émilie popped out
next from mom's vent
Third, Yvonne came along

Then Cécile (still no dong?!)
While Marie was the last Dionne quint.

In May, 1934 the five identical sisters were born in Ontario, Canada.  1 & 4 are still  living.


  1. As soon as I read the first word of the second line, I knew right then and there what you were talking about. I'm familiar with that story, I have the book, "The Dionne Years" by Pierre Berton. An absolutely fascinating read, which describes the human psychology behind the sensationalism and exploitation of innocent 'freaks of nature', resulting in traumatic consequences, skewing any possibility for a normal life. I want to get the autobiography though, which was written in their own words, which I believe would reveal more hidden truths than any other book about them.

    Your limerick would make a great introductory summary.

  2. It might need a bit of cleaning first, Suz...

    I was hoping to see another "facts in five" limerick along with mine on the main page. Tell me, are you able to edit my work?

    I can edit OP entries, but since I'm a moderator, perhaps blogspot considers a blog owner's work to be sacrosanct. I can see why most bloggers would NOT want any adds, changes, or deletes made!

  3. Yes, the cleaning, as in Line 4, hahaha.

    No, I'm not allowed to edit your entries or comments, and neither is anyone else. That format has been implemented most likely to prevent WWIII from happening, which makes sense.