Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2186. Or the couch, floor, back seat...

It's time for 5 lines limned in red
'Bout things that occur in a bed
Like stroking and fucking
While riding and bucking
And giving your partner some head.

Can that last word refer to cunnilingus, or only fellatio?


  1. Thanks, David. In my googling, only a few entries said "either/or."

    However, I did get another question answered which I'd been curious about for years. Why is a bathroom referred to as a 'head?' I knew it had a nautical origin, but that's all.

    Turns out the crew's bathroom was usually in the bow (head) of the ship, at least according to one source.

  2. Good golly! I'm over 50 and I'm still getting sex education. How did I not know these things? I'm starting to think that I AM a prude after all.

  3. I'll be happy to teach you, Suz. Dr. Graham at your cervix.
    (yep, I stole that line.)

  4. Hey doc, you nut! Good thing it's a correspondence course, and not in-class or hands-on learning, yike!