Sunday, August 14, 2016

2199. No breathing room

I was wondering if I'd ever seen a limerick with zero end-of-line pauses.  None came to mind, so I wrote one.

Oh, there once was a man from the north part of Maine
Who got gored by a moose and wound up in much pain
He spent two weeks in bed
Wishing he could be dead
And then when he got out, well, that moose, it got slain.

While it scans, is it too “busy” with its full pulse scheme of 12-12-6-6-12?


  1. It's rare when I see one of these stretched-out, pauseless limericks, but it holds a bit of a fascination for me. I'm still not sure whether this style is allowable, or if it's a rule-breaker. Well, you certainly pulled it off. It should be legit, if not already.

  2. Oliver Butterfield of Kelowna pens a "run-on" limerick at the weekly AWAD commentary forum every so often. He also writes them well in the standard mode.