Sunday, June 26, 2016

OP278-280. Precious little brats, er, darlings

School's out and the dwarves have come home
And the streets will be full as they roam
So drive slowly 'round town
Or you might knock one down
Don't want dents in your car from some gnome!

What do they do during the summer?
Besides run out in front of your Hummer
Just send 'em to camp
Hope the weather's not damp
Music lessons? Just not with a drummer.

Or, if you have time, take them out
Show them what this whole world is about
When the fun is all done
Let them work in the sun
Teach them life's a hand up, not handout.


  1. A cute one, Suz. Tell me... anybody... why don't dwarf and scarf rhyme?
    Dwarf rhymes with wharf... but can you think of another word which does?

    1. Think of another word which does what? Rhyme with wharf? Yes, morph. But here, the vowel is an 'o.' I think the reason that nothing else seems to rhyme with dwarf and wharf (while still retaining the 'a') is you've got that 'w,' then a vowel, then the 'r.' It's physically impossible to get an 'a' (between an 'w' and an 'r') to sound like the 'a' in scarf. Go ahead - sound it out; it's not functioning properly, right? It sounds like you're talking with an Irish accent.

      Everytime you see an 'a' between a 'w' and an 'r,' it'll always sound like 'or' as in torn, and never 'ar' as in car. It's just too awkward. Look at war, warn, swarm, warble, ward, warp, wart (all have an 'or' sound; to add to the mayhem of inconsistent grammatical/pronunciation rules, the words backward, awkward and westward rhyme (vowelly) with turd. (well, that's how THIS Canuck sees and hears it)

    2. Okay, that bracket in the 4th last line shouldn't be there. (I don't want to delete and rewrite the whole thing again just to correct that)