Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2105-2108. Afterward he'd say, "Abyssinia."

The mechanic for Haile Selassie
Fucked the emperor's mom (how un-classy!)
As he sank his hot rod
In her bony old bod
He thought he could hear squeaks from her chassis.

She'd call him to "work on her Bentley"
This was code for, "do not take me gently."
While under her bonnet
He'd sing her no sonnet
But go to work very intently.

Beneath the bedspread how they tossed
His moves she directed and bossed
It was dark under there;
Trying parts to repair
He once plugged up her hole for exhaust!

But alas, despite mother's insistin'
The mechanic stopped plunging his piston
Haile'd told him, "As Emp,
I'll now act as mom's pimp
As for you, please just stay at home wristin."

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