Monday, June 13, 2016

2119. Wrinkled and weighty

"You're only as old as you feel"
Is a mantra which folks often spiel
How I feel isn't great
Worse, I look eighty eight,
I could do with a face lift and peel.


  1. I hope that you only were joking
    The worry in me you're provoking
    If you look/feel that way
    Call 911 today
    Unless you are binge drinking or smoking(up)

    You forgot what I said once before
    How most men can look good and still score
    With such effortless ease
    Till their late seventies
    And the women just come back for more.

    But women! Hell, once they hit forty
    Will look haggard or frumpy or sporty
    If they don't take good care
    Of face, body and hair
    Whether they are tall, mid-height or shorty.

  2. Aha! Sun sign - Gemini twins!
    That accounts for the bulk of your sins
    But what is hilarious
    Your Moon - Sagittarius
    Combined - rebels clever, with grins.

    You see, knowing the year, month, day and location of birth facilitates the making of your birthchart.
    Just for fun, google: 'Sun in Gemini Moon in Sagittarius - Hired Gun'