Saturday, June 11, 2016

OP273-277. Tough words done up grandly

Zelda Dvoretzky is one of my AWAD penpals.  She is an 84-yr-old American ex-pat living in Haifa.  Although only her first one was chosen today for AWAD's weekly wrapup, I felt all five were worthy of being seen.  The bold-faced words were the words for last week.

There are so many voters ingenuous,
whose grasp of reality's tenuous.
     He'll play the buffoon.
     He'll promise the moon.
If they vote him in, friend, it's the end of us.

The air's full of political chatter.
Our eardrums with bombast they batter.
     Each utterance specious
     brings comment facetious -
Be serious! Outcomes do matter.

Vote from anger and fear; you may find
you've left something important behind,
     Knowledge and self-control
     suit the leadership role.
That's the danger in voting purblind. 

Being feisty's a status I've aimed for
since I turned eighty. I've earned a name for
     being in a high dudgeon;
     an ageing curmudgeon
a battle of wits always game for.

Our manager's style was officious -
annoying but never pernicious.     
     His manner superior
     hid feelings inferior.
Poor guy was inept, not malicious.

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  1. Wow, these are great! And Anu didn't include the other 4 verses she wrote? It would have been perfect. What a shame! Thanks for posting them here. That Zelda has a talent, wit and intelligence not matched by many. I always look forward to reading her poems and comments.