Monday, June 13, 2016

2118. Alas, 69 was only a year

I am starting decade number eight
When I get some, the pussy's still great
But that wondrous vulgarity
At home's such a rarity
I think I'll re-learn how to date.

And a happy birthday to myself.


  1. Happy birthday, you Lim'ricist nut!
    Hope you get what you're wishing for, but
    If you don't, then you've got
    My condolences brought
    To you straight from the depths of my gut.

    Just be peaceful the next time you slumber
    Because seven-o's only a number
    And what really is real -
    You're as young as you feel
    Don't let 'age' your good spirits encumber.

    There is many a mis'rable fart
    Who's made prudeness and dullness an art
    But each human adores
    Crazy blogs such as yours
    Achieved only by those young at heart.

    So the next time you look in the mirror
    Find that twinkle, just bend a bit nearer
    It's right there in your eye
    And that means you won't die
    Till a century's gone by
    And I think you know why -
    You take life by the horns, you don't fear her!

    Ev'ry day that goes by just gets dearer.

    Happy birthday, you kooky (but brainy) character!
    Just think... when you're 90, you'll be wishing you were 70!

  2. I am awestruck* by your flattery and well-wishes, Suz!

    *Should that be 'awestricken?' Don't think I've ever seen/heard it that way...

  3. Happy birthday Phil! Have a great day and awesome year.

    I told you last year to act your age. I guess now it won't be quite so fun. When George Carlin turned 70, he called it "69 with a finger up the ass". I miss that old fuck.

  4. Thanks, Dave. My age in Roman Numerals is now the reverse of my T-shirt size. Probably that's not a good thing.

    Saw Carlin in concert once. He had just moved from NYC to LA and had a ground floor apt. with a patio door -- new to both him and his cat. He said the cat saw a bird out on the patio, crept up and went flying through the air to pounce on it. Door was closed. Cat hit hard, fell back and said, "Fucking Meow!!"

  5. I'm jealous. I'd have loved to see him in concert. Best. Comedian. Ever.