Thursday, June 23, 2016

2134. Other factors are what make you special

Such an age you've reached!  What shall we do?
You're 9x8, three-six times two,
And one dozen times six
We can add to the mix
Larry Graham, Happy Birthday to you!

Have a great day, bro.  You've always been a wonderful person to look up to.  Please know that I would love you like a brother even if you weren't!

Larry is a Juilliard grad and a renowned performer and teacher.  Click to hear him play Liszt's Gnomenreigen (Dance of the Gnomes.)


  1. As I said once before, talent runs
    In your family, through music and puns
    And through poetry, humor
    But now there's a rumor -
    A remake you're in - "My Three Sons"

    One son's mind is perfectionist, clean, yes
    Another, a wit that's obscene, yes -
    Puns and lim'ricks deploy
    What his readers enjoy.
    Then there's birthday boy - Juilliard genius.

    I hope that the rumor is true
    High ratings would surely ensue
    Your biography would
    Entertain as it should
    But for now, "Happy birthday to you!"

    By a music bug, I have been bitten
    Your performances leave me just smitten
    Along with the best
    Like Argerich and Hess
    Horowitz, Kuerti
    Uchida, Pollini
    And Richter, Arrau
    Go ahead, take a bow
    Your story, so rife
    With a musical life
    Should in hist'ry books also be written.

  2. Via email, brother Larry asked me to pass along how much he enjoyed your 26 lines of rhyme, Suz! Not sure why he couldn't/didn't comment himself, but he was very sincere in his compliments and enjoyment of your stanzas!