Thursday, June 23, 2016

2132-2133. Recovery setback

Back on June 11th, I posted OP273-277 by 84-yr-old Zelda Dvoretzky.  I didn't mention that she's been recovering after being hit by a car in early February.   It broke her ankle and knee.  She went in last week to have a screw removed and picked up an infection in the bone!   I emailed her these two when I heard:

Getting sick "in the shop" ain't PC
You had suffered enough, Dearest Z!
I'll bet Dr. Lister
Could rescue you, sister,
By killing those germs QED.

You'll get through this, Z; you're indomitable
Is the screw hole they left perhaps grommetable?
Was your doctor a dick?
Sorry he made you sick
I hope your infection's not vomitable.

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