Monday, June 20, 2016

2129. He had enough wiggle room

His ball moved, I guess winds were gustin'
Or 'twas jumpy from all of the bustin'
It took from his driving,
Still, Johnson kept striving
And won US Open, yaaay Dustin!

Upon completion of his round (though he'd been alerted on the twelfth tee that it "might" happen), golfer Dustin Johnson was assessed a one-shot penalty for causing his ball to move on the 5th green.  It  happened about 2 seconds after he had touched the ground with his putter beside, not behind, the ball.  The ball rotated backward perhaps a ¼ inch. Fortunately and to his enormous credit, he had a 4-stroke lead when the tournament ended, but the record book will show that he only won by three.

Shame on the USGA!  It took them from the 5th green 'til the 12th tee -- well over an hour of watching the replay -- to decide that 'maybe' they would penalize him at the end of the round.  But to tell him they were "thinking about it" was a horrible onus to put on the guy as he played his final seven holes.

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