Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2120-2123. Belmopan Superman

I've heard of a man from Belize
Whose penis hangs down past his knees
Though it swings with insouciance
The thing is a nuisance
Must stand on a stool when he pees.

His testicles, bigger than gourds,

Were insured and blessed over in Lourdes
When he beats his meat
Best get out of the street
Either that or break out your surfboards.

He's displayed his junk 'cross Guatemala
Even showed it on stage at La Scala
But within Yucatan
You can see it, you can,
For the price of admission, one dollah.

Sadly, no woman yet has been found
Who is willing to let the guy pound
Her fur pie with his schlong
Only Mrs. King Kong
Could accept him without being drowned.

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