Friday, September 23, 2011

185-188. Occupations

There once was an auto mechanic
Whose actions were totally manic.
Overhauling your ride,
He would toss parts aside,
When it came time to find 'em, he'd panic!

A tocque-wearing fellow, a baker,
Had a shop which he labeled "The Caker."
When a gal would come in
(Not for sweets but for sin)
Something different would rise and he'd make her.

A fellow employed as a clerk
Would often stay late after work.
While counting the money
He'd wait for his honey
If she didn't show, he would jerk.

A man who did work as a cobbler
Had a cock which was sort of a wobbler.
At best, semi-hard --
A condition which barred
Him from fucking his wife, so he'd gobble her.

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