Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2019. Show your Chauvinism

OP254 (below) deserves a retort...  just not this one.

International Men's Day's in Fall
On November 19th have a ball!
Drink, fart, show misogyny,
Cuss both spouse and progeny
Why make the day special at all?

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  1. Ha! You say 'OP254 (below) deserves a retort... just not this one'
    Little comfort THAT is, as it got the retort anyway! Thanks! I guess payback's a bitch!

    'Why make the day special?' You're right!
    Already each day's a delight
    Those deeds you point out
    Are done daily , no doubt
    Without feeling the least bit contrite.

    International Men's Day would be
    To fulfil ev'ry wild fantasy
    Where your woman won't mind
    If you act unrefined
    While your ethics declined rapidly.

    All the booze you could possibly drink up
    All the hoes you could possibly dink up
    Being served hand and foot
    Through the orders you put
    Being King for a day
    Always getting your way
    Can't imagine what else you would think up!

    International Men's Day was designed to target issues like:
    -the high male suicide rate (from self-inflicted self-pity)
    -male deaths through violence (inflicted by members of their own gender... pretty sure women don't beat them up!)
    -better birth control options for men (just keep yer pants on, boys!)
    -promoting good male role models (which they wouldn't have to do if there were already enough)

    Oh, did I say payback's a bitch? Oh yeah, okay.