Saturday, March 19, 2016

2031-2032. A prairie pimp & a coastal coquette

U.S. girls won't show tits lest you dare 'em
While Canadian girls love to bare 'em
If you're up in Saskatchewan
Young David might fetch you one
I'm betting he keeps a small harem.

(Poster Dave Reddekopp lives in Swift Current, SK.)

Suz never writes rhymes that are po'
From her home in B.C. (Nanaimo)
To get her to flash
It would prob'ly take cash
But then, wouldn't that make her a 'ho?

(That would be poster Suzanne Heymann.)


  1. It's a catch-22, I can't win!
    Even not taking cash is a sin
    If I flash 'em for free
    Then I'm 'slutty,' you see
    Some folks might not agree it's just skin.

    Hey, wait a minute... no one wrote one about YOU yet. Huh! They have NOW!

    A poet named Phil is from Tulser
    He'll cure ev'ry gal's peptic ulcer
    He just fills 'em with cream
    Till they all start to scream.
    "Want some more?" "No thanks, we are quite full, sir!"

  2. My home province is a tough one to rhyme, but your verse reminded me of my OP45 (9.26.2012).