Sunday, March 13, 2016

PD217-220. The long and the short of it

There was a young man from Salinas
Who had an extremely long penis
Believe it or not
When he lay on his cot
It reached from Marin to Martinez.

There once was a man from Australia
Who had rather large genitalia
He said to his bride,
"Do not try to hide
'Cause wherever you go I can nail ya."

I got this from the fellow what own it:
He declared that he boasted one mo' nut
Than most people sport
But was terribly short
In the part you might stick through a doughnut.

There was a young fellow called Rex
With diminutive organs of sex
Arraigned for exposure
He said with composure,
"De minimis non curat lex".

[Latin, trans:- "The law is not concerned with trifles."]

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