Tuesday, March 22, 2016

OP258-260. Letting an undesirous virus inspire us

With a flu bug the strength of Katrina
My cough aped a rabid hyena
My projectile vomit
Shot out like a comet
The length of a hockey arena.

The cance'ling of jobs was a pain
Rescheduling them - what a strain!
And my fluid intake
Caused my toilet to shake
And all night, be awake, what a drain!

The headaches, the fever, not pretty
The chills and the runs, ultra shitty
Though my ass is still burning
My strength is returning
Thus ends my sad tale of self-pity.

Want to hear more whining? Finding the right $#%&?@! title took longer than coming up with the bleepin' limericks! Happy day!


  1. Nice work!

    So... you were in a state of flux, huh? Check this def: http://www.yourdictionary.com/flux

    Due to 'shitty' in the third stansa, I turned the whole post red, Suz.

    1. Well, I certainly enjoyed your recommended reading of the great variety of 'flux' definitions, which describes in detail reminders of my painful inner workings of recent past. How thoughtful of you! Here's MY definition: 'flowing unstoppable crappy kaka'

      And thanks for providing aid in the color scheme department. I officially now have a filthy mind.

  2. this should be OP258-260, as it's three verses long. That's always been the policy here before.

    A quality triad.

    1. As for the title, it was time well spent. This happens to me all the damn time. The title is usually tougher than the limerick for me.