Thursday, March 24, 2016

OP261. Saddle up!

A young girl with her hair in a braid
Led her beau to a barn to get laid
And her lover (of course)
He was hung like a horse
And he came with such force that he neighed.

I know, I'm pushing the rules with this one.


  1. Her OP258 has three verses. It's still here. That's why I numbered it OP261.

    Why did she withdraw the other one? It was five verses, if I recall.

  2. Aha! You are right again, Dave. I had renumbered yours based on her having deleted the 5-stanza one. I've now changed this one back to "OP261" and have re-labeled her #258 as 258-260.

    As for why she took down the long one about my having not posted on 3/23, I think she felt badly when she learned I'd skipped due to my aunt's having died. I thought it was a good and funny poem, and not at all insensitive. I mean, how could she have known?