Friday, March 18, 2016

2029-2030. Our mutual admiration society

Suz, Dave, and Phil love to immerse
Themselves in five lines of fun verse

We never grow tired
Of being admired
For poems both clever and terse.

As host of this blog, let me say
That I'm glad you each come here to play

I'm "no longer in Kansas"
When I read your stanzas
The limmies you write make my day!

Many thanks to both of you crazy, capricious Canadians for your daily devotion to reading this blog.  But what makes me even happier is when you put your own always-rhythmic, invariably funny limericks on display here. 

I can't tell you how proud I am that visitors to this site never have to read any non-scanning, near-rhyming schlock (as they do at most other limerick sites... one in particular.)  Just knowing you'll be reading my efforts makes me try my hardest.  I can tell you two feel the same way.  Here's to never lowering the bar!



  1. Well, if you really want, I can Lisi one up for you...

    1. Love it!!

      Her last name, Ardissone, must be pronounced, "Aaaaaargh! Diss one." No, wait -- we can diss EVERY one that she writes!

  2. Well thanks Phil, for shining a light
    And letting us play on your site
    I've searched far and wide
    For a playground to hide
    When there's sorrow worldwide; you're a knight!

    Your praise of us two li'l Canucks
    Left me speechless except for, "Aw shucks!"
    We rather would be
    Nowhere else, don't you see?
    'Cause your site is just super deluxe!

    I just cannot see how the rest
    Of mankind hasn't come as a guest
    You need more exposure
    And then I'll have closure
    In knowing they're reading the best!

    1. Phil is phlabbergasted by your phlattery, Suz. I'm also phlabby, but let's not speak of that.

      In 2029-2030, I mentioned "not lowering the bar" and I meant it. However, my standards don't apply only to proper meter and clever rhymes. Unfortunately, I fear that much of my highbrow subject matter turns off many readers.

      I've had several good friends tell me they don't much like my site because they have to Google so many words and people, or that they don't 'get' my puns. They're still my friends, but I'm not going to dumb down what I write (and I encourage my other posters not to do so, either.)

      I'll just remain optimistic that brighter, more-educated people (like you and David) will discover "The Limericist" and tell their friends about it.

      p.s. My middle name is 'Ernest' but I suppose the E could stand for esoteric (sometimes, at least.)