Monday, July 20, 2015

1766. Hello, Dolly

My lover is short and she's sweet
We get horny when she comes in heat
Am I s'posed to feel sheepish
Or just a bit creepish
When mounting her makes her go "Bleat"?


  1. My name's Dolly, and I am a sheep
    I've been muzzled; I can't make a peep
    Yes, a slut's what I am -
    I would never dodge ram
    But I still think this human's a creep.

  2. Great comeback limmie, Dave! I loudly applaud 'dodge ram!'

  3. Dolly's bleat is evidence she baas well to his johnson.

  4. That pun is mutton short of fantastic, Okie, and makes me think Dolly is a bighorn -- ready for a dick-shun-aerie.