Monday, July 13, 2015

1758. Her first name is Eileen

A woman whose name is McWhorter
Has a left leg that's 8 inches shorter
Than her right.  There's no chance
Of a Repub. romance
'Cause their politics won't let 'em court her.

Title from the joke, 'What would you name a girl baby born with one leg shorter than the other?'  (And if Japanese, the answer is, "Irene.")


  1. Donald Trump should approve of this follow-up to your jokes. [I would print it in RED if I could.]
    Q: What would you name a Mexican girl with no legs at all?
    A: Consuelo.

  2. They must not be fans of Dexys Midnight Runners.

    1. I had to google to learn DMR is/was a band. Tell me, was "Come on Eileen" a request to her, or a suggestion that men should defile her?

    2. I'm not a fan or anything, i just knew they sang the song. I'm not familiar enough with the lyrics to answer that.