Friday, July 17, 2015

OP182-183. Inherent but not inerrant

Okay, this is the one I feel was my best entry for the contest mentioned in #1760.  some of the limericks there...well, the timing was just off.  Though, of course, there were others that were really good.

I'm especially proud of the second verse, which was in part a response to Phil's limerick with the spelling error in it.  I addressed the error itself in a different one, but that's also to be found in #1760.

I find some of these limericks swell
But for others, the quality fell

With problems of scansion
This topic's expansion
Could hurt some and be a hard sell.

If you say it boils down to the cell
For the gift to write limericks well
Then the verse, if frenetic
Is a curse that's genetic
Unavoidable? Who can foretell?

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