Tuesday, July 14, 2015

OP179. A palling behavior

A criminal's kill count increased
In an area strongly policed

Since he, hearing the cop
As he hollered out "Stop!"

Did not cease or desist, he's deceased.


  1. One of your very best, David, and extremely well-crafted! Love the punny title, and 'desist' followed by 'deceased' in L5 is marvelous wordplay.

    Mad Kane truly has bemused you, hasn't she?

  2. What can I say? My muse is back. I missed it. I suppose you saw the verse I wrote for her; I mentioned you in the comment above it.

    As for this verse, I'd been sitting on L5 for a while; i knew it was gold. I had trouble with the title, and I'm glad you like what I ended up with.

  3. I DID see what you sent her. Have you checked Dave Johnson's and my latest ones at her contest site? He wrote a GREAT one, not so subtly trying to 'cure' the people who have no clue about scansion. Then I did a follow-up.

    Oh, and I got your FB friend request but I'm already getting too many posts. Nothing personal, but I'll decline.

  4. That's fine, I won't force you.

    I just sent an entry now, and there will probably be more.

  5. I sent a two verse one just now and I think you'll like it. It's partly a response to your verse. i also sent a smart-ass one that's completely a response to you.