Saturday, July 25, 2015

1773-1774. Marriage disparaged

I'm hoping to finally sate
My sex drive before it's too late
All the dollars I've paid
To those whores to get laid
Have my wife acting very irate.

When we last bared our bodies to mate
I remember it just didn't rate
Yes, my wife blew her chance
To keep hot our romance
If she'd blown something else, I'd be great!


  1. Congrats on the honorable mention! It definitely deserved to be there.

    I guess I'll have to try harder.

    1. Thanks, Dave. While the pair can be read as a story, either one could be a standalone.

      I wonder if she awarded me simply because of the 2nd one? I doubt the multiple stanzas influenced her.

    2. It's possible. I do like the second one better, though both are solid on their own merit. Your entry was better than some of the verses that made the cut, imo.

      I don't think the multiple stanzas were much of an influence, honestly. I've tried it before. Didn't seem to influence her that the deadline was my birthday, either. I thought I might at least get some love for this:

      Our editions are due on the date
      Of July 25th; I can’t wait
      If I win, I will dial
      Up my thousand-watt smile
      If I don’t win, then I’ll be irate.

      I guess I have to get mad at Mad now.