Friday, July 24, 2015

OP186-190. Blowing it

This is based off a joke I first heard from the late Christopher Hitchens.  Obviously he tells it better than I do, but of course, I've confined myself to telling it in a limerick format.

A guy took a girl on a date
And she thought he was really first-rate
She could see he was hard
But she thought he'd regard
Her too low if she'd blow him; he'd wait

On the night that the couple was wed
She asked what he wanted in bed
So he asked for a blow
But she said "You'll have no

Respect for me if I give you head"

After ten years, as he stood erect
His proposal she had to reject
"You have done me no wrong
But if I suck your dong
Then I know I will lose your respect"

Even still, after twenty long years
His kind treatment had not calmed her fears

For a stand she found moral
She wouldn't do oral
Though he pleaded, and sometimes in tears

Then at last, when she thought that she knew him
She got down on her knees and she blew him
When the phone rang, he said it
"Cocksucker, go get it"
So never again would she do him.

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