Tuesday, July 11, 2017

OP439. Off the rails

Yes, I took the easy target.

There once was a man, Donald J.
In a line, as he heard a voice say,
"You are getting a brain."
What he heard, though, was "train",
So he left to get out of the way.


  1. Ah! Brings back memories of my youth when a certain older brother would tease me with poetry:

    When they passed out the noses
    Steve thought they said "hoses,"
    So he asked for a long one.

    When they passed out the ears
    Stevie thought they said "beers,"
    And he got two big ones.

    Now, it's payback time--

    When they passed out the testes
    Phil thought they said "Nestle's,"
    So he wanted his "Quik."

    In our family, the apple doesn't Farfel from the tree...

  2. You may have won the prize for most esoteric comment, Steve.

    Those of you who are NOT of an advanced age will need to plug this into the address line of your browser to understand the "Farfel" pun.