Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2588. Five years? No way!

On this date in 1982
Arrived David; we're so glad he grew
To a brainy, fun fellow
With manner quite mellow
Who writes awesome limericks, too!

See more of his excellence at Dave's own site.

Wow, David!  I cannot believe how long you've been following my blog!  Looking back through its archives I discovered that you first sent me a limerick in 2012 -- four days prior to this site's 1st anniversary and two days before your 30th birthday.

Here is that initial effort and here is the one from a year later -- actually written by your sister, you say --.which first notified us of your birthday.  I posted this follow-up to it.

It's been a joy to have your support, humor, and intelligence these past five years, so keep writing and keep havin' birthdays!


  1. My sister would probably be mortified if she knew I posted that one here...but she really did pretty well for a first try. Better than some people who've been writing "limericks" for years, as I've found over at Mad's site.

    That first limerick of mine links to my own site of limericks - which I'd been ignoring until sometime last year, but you should have a look at it now. A lot of them are here, but some probably aren't.

    i'm happy to be here, and thanks for having me. I may have some natural talent, but it's because of you that I'm the limerick writer I am today.

    As for continuing to have birthdays, I'll try.

    1. And, of course, thanks for the limerick. It's a good one. Although L2 is an image I'd rather not have.

    2. As you wished, it's been cleaned up. I also added a link to YOUR fine site.

      Tell me again how much $$ to send for all the compliments you've given me...

  2. Oh you guys! I enjoyed tagging along on your stroll down Memory Lane. Those limericks from 2012, 2013, and the ones here now, are mighty impressive!

    And I was honored and tickled when you adopted me into this limerick family, woohoo! (between one and a half to two years ago)Thanks a lot for letting me join the ride. And oh what a ride! (especially the roller coasters in red ink, yeehaw!)

    This is the place to go if you want yer brain stimulated (along with a few other things, but I won't go there)