Tuesday, July 4, 2017

OP435-438. Happy Birthday America!

Happy birthday there, US of A!
And make this a spectacular day
You can see we still love ya
You fit like a glove; ya
Know we'd never shove ya away!

Just remember to keep standing tall
Try forgetting events of last fall
Read the book from the shelf
That says, "Dance Like an Elf"
Go ahead, let yourself have a ball!

So now, USA, let us lock lips
After all, we are joined at the hips!
Daily trading two billion
We'll come by the million
To witness your solar eclipse.

You are two hundred plus forty-one
Don't stop partying till you are done!
And we hope you're aware
That up north here, we care
And we also do share in your fun!

Happy birthday, neighbor! And many more!


  1. What a nice salute, Suz! If you have anything to do with which Canucks move here, we'd like more Trebeks and fewer Biebers.

  2. This should be 435-438; it's four stanzas.

    And may God save America...I'm afraid it needs divine intervention at this point. Being an atheist, I'm not optimistic that will happen.

  3. Thanks for the sharp eyes (math?), David.
    The fix is in.

  4. Yes, thanks David, for the sharp eyes, and thanks Phil, for doing the correction for me. Gosh, I can't count my way out of a paper bag (I only learned to subtract in Grade 2, and barely passed in math throughout school), yet I could read and write since age 3)