Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2587. Or other horsin' around...

An equestrienne living in Warner
Just couldn't be any forlorner
She's lost her sanguinity
And her virginity,
Seems riding bareback has torn 'er.

Pop. 1,619


  1. You should round up all your Oklahoma limericks and make a book out of them. It would make for a great coffee table book. Or something to read at the airport, or while sitting on the john.

  2. GMTA, David.

    I am keeping two collections as Word docs: One of only clean ones, and another of them all. It has 132 limmies (so far.) Whether I'll ever get around to publishing them is another story.

  3. Do it, Phil! Fellow Oklahomans would love you, and you'd put Oklahoma on the map! ( yeah I know I know, Oklahoma's already on the map)

    Anyhow, I'd like to add a second verse to explain away the first, if you don't mind...

    Her virginity loss was poor timing
    I think riding has busted her hymen
    When asked, "Why didn't you
    Find a fellow to woo?"
    She replied, "There are too many shy men."

  4. The Limerick (#869, p.178) said it this way:

    There was a young girl from Hoboken
    Who claimed that her hymen was broken
    . From riding a bike
    . On a cobblestone pike,
    But it really was broken from pokin'.

    Here's my backstory, entitled "He Did It His Way."

    In Hoboken, a crooner with woo eyes
    Conned that bike-riding lass with his true lies.
    . Her rough cobblestone mantra
    . Turned out quite the contra:
    Her cherry was claimed by Ol' Blue Eyes.

    I'm sorry I broke Mad Kane's Rhyme Rule in L2, but I did not have the patience to think of a verb ending in "-uize."

    1. I see nothing wrong with interposing a consonant, Steve, and don't think Mad would, either.

      Her complaint is with last STRESSED syllables in a line which don't also rhyme.

      Your woo-true-blue all do and, to be Frank, I accept (and like) your backstory!