Saturday, July 1, 2017

OP432-434. We're still young

Being a Canuck, and a privileged, occasional contributor to this site, I'm going to take the liberty of throwing in a little birthday tribute to my home and native land, north of the border. It's Canada Day! Somehow, y'all ended up in the mix (can't stay away, we're joined at the hip!), so here we go...

Well, I come from the land of Canuck
Where our loonie is really a buck
If you're getting too warm
Just come north for a storm
Being cold is the norm; you're in luck!

We Canucks love you Yankees, it's true
You are spunky, creative (weird too!)
You're all smart, so take note
(Well, except when you vote)
But we still like to dote upon you!

We think national birthdays are nifty
We spend lavishly, yet we're still thrifty
Well, the party ain't done
It has only begun
'Cause today we turn hundred and fifty!


  1. Western border is gen'rally lineal
    Maple leaf flags deserve a moose finial
    We Yanks need you to share
    How you run your health care,
    Meanwhile, have a great sesquicentennial.

    I first learned of Canada Day on July 1, 2003. We were on vacation and were out for dinner in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. As it got dark, fireworks started going off north of the locks and when we asked someone, "What's up?", they told us.

    You have a dandy country, Suz and Dave. We're proud that Canada is our neighbor!

  2. So thanks for the kudos there, neighbor!
    Together we play and we labor
    It is we who take pride
    Having you by our side
    With our arms open wide (in our favor!)

    Healthcare prices in U.S. - too high
    But the gov'ment can't change it, won't try
    'Cause Big Pharma won't let it
    So you may not get it
    Insurance then lets people die.

    Sorry for the 'favor' near-rhyme, but I tried everything else, without success.

    I wondered who, in my surroundings, would be the first to use "sesquicentennial" (in honor of our nation's birthday celebrating its 150th milestone year) Didn't think an American would bother to do the honors, but you take first prize for brains and thoughtfulness all around! (you always come through)

  3. According to Wikipedia, St. John's is your windiest province. That fact(?) led to this:

    '65 brought you guys a new flag
    To be flown from a pole or a crag
    One left out a fortnight
    In St. John's was a fright,
    The strong winds left a Maple Leaf rag.

  4. What a nice tribute to another piece of Canadian geography that's near and dear to our Canucky hearts! Thanks, Phil!

  5. Suzanne sent me an email, pointing out that I must have been having a merry time when I named St. John's as a (maritime) PROVINCE.

    It is the capital CITY of "The Province of Newfoundland and Labrador."

    Wikipedia (never wrong are they?) told me that St. John's was the windiest place in Canada. However, the promotion from city to province was my own geography gaffe.

  6. Aha! Before you slap yourself, take note that Wikipedia said, "windiest place," failing to specify what kind of place, and unfairly assuming all readers in the world had a pre-existing knowledge of whether this little-known obscure 'place' was a city, province, mountain, or cove! So, in my opinion, you're off the hook!

  7. Just re-read Suzanne's initial stanza from her July 1 comment. She apologized for her near-rhyme of 'favor.'

    I have a fix, Suz. Replace L5 with
    To protect us with rifle and sabre.

    Yeah, I know. You don't think a limerick is up to snuff if the L3-L4 rhyme doesn't also get matched in the middle of L5. Sorry I couldn't accomodate you.