Sunday, June 18, 2017

2545. Mine would hide like a turtle

There once was an athlete named Jake
Who swam in an ice-laden lake
Though the cold made him shudder
He used for a rudder
His lengthy and thick one-eyed snake.


  1. Not to say that poor Jake is a wimp
    But won't the cold make it go limp?
    Even IF ole Snake Eyes
    Were a rudder-hard prize
    Wouldn't it be the size of a shrimp?

  2. No, see, Jake was some kind of an uber
    mensch, sporting a non-shrinking tuber.
    While swimming, ne'er flaccid,
    The thing's size stayed max-ed!
    No one's ever called Jake a goober.

  3. Then Jake's name can't be dragged through the mud
    As his 'part' must be full of hot blood
    And his thing can stand tall
    Like a horse in his stall
    So I guess you could call him a stud!

  4. A standard transmission has linkage
    And a fine single-malt deserves drinkage
    But my story 'bout Jake
    (As you've guessed) is all fake,
    Like Costanza, all guys suffer shrinkage.

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