Saturday, June 24, 2017

PD300-301. Two ungodly ones

There was a young girl of Gibraltar
Who was raped as she knelt at the altar.
It really seems odd
That a virtuous God
Should answer her prayers and assault her.

There was a young Jew of Far Rockaway
Whose screams could be heard for a block away.
Perceiving his error,
The Rabbi in terror
Cried, "God! I have cut his whole cock away!"

1 comment:

  1. Mr. Limericist: You have precisely reproduced the Gibraltar poem as it appears in Legman's "The Limerick" (oddly, his collection's #299). But as an adherent to the "continuous syllable mandate" for lines 3-5, I think scansion is improved by adding a word to L5:
    Should both answer her prayers and assault her.

    Given the setting, would The Supreme Being render the rape as a Barbary Ape and thus Leda to her Swan song?

    As for PD301 "Mad" Kane would certainly approve of its having rhymed the final stressed syllable in L1,2 and 5 followed by the identical unstressed "away."