Tuesday, June 13, 2017

OP426-428. A special day today

Happy birthday, you Limerick King
Who is worthy of having a fling
With the gals in your poems
Who sport double D domes
As your hands are their homes while they swing.

I'm so sorry, I'm only a C
So you'd stay far away from li'l me
But keep dreaming up rhymes
And keep ringing those chimes
To keep up the good times; it's all free!

Your humor helps hearts that feel ill
You're much better than most ev'ry pill
For whatever has ailed them
Where happiness failed them
You ought to be hailed 'Dr. Phil'!


  1. Love your "poems-domes" near rhyme, Suz!! Really!

    Thanks for taking the time to recognize this old geezer as he begins his 72nd year.


    p.s. Don't be ashamed of your C cups. All guys know that anything over a mouthful is wasted, anyway.

  2. Yes, a mouthful... but what about a handful? Hands have the right to a happy, fulfilled life, too! But thanks for your endorsement.

    As for your being a geezer, don't gimme that crap! I told you ages ago, that men can still look and feel (woohoo!) good well into their seventies, but once a woman hits 40 or 50, if she doesn't take real good care of herself, she could possibly end up looking like a hag from hell.

    Yes, I took a risk with the 'poem-dome' near-rhyme. That's because, up here in Canada, I'm so used to the fact that most of us pronounce the word 'poem' like it was 'pome' So I hope I'm off the hook!