Sunday, June 18, 2017

OP429-431. For men only... Happy Father's Day!

With sunshine and clouds made of cotton
Not a single dad should be forgotten
So today, right on cue
I wish each one of you
Happy Father's Day, do get spoiled rotten!

Ev'ry day, there's a surefire way
To have fun, so just hear what I say:
Read each verse (fill your head)
Even those typed in red
And the archives ain't dead; come and play!

And so even if you're not a dad
Come around anyway, you'll be glad!
With no 'dad' boots to fill
You can read here at will
You've got time you can kill and be bad.


  1. Aw, Suzanne, you're so thoughtful. Verse 1 salutes me (and all dads), then Verses 2-3 promote my blog!

    I was so pleased that I just wrote #2545, secretly saluting you by rhyming a phrase which you had used in a recent email.

    Thanks for the friendship, the limericks you post, and the inspiration!

  2. I can (and will) thank you too, and for the same reasons!

    I believe I know the phrase you're talking about... (harhar!) Your #2545 limmie is quite the creative, science fiction comedy, with an apt, funny title! (hey, you readers out there... I can say that and still be a 'lady'!)