Wednesday, June 7, 2017

2517-2521. NCAA Softball Superstars

The Florida team, the 1-seed,
On the championship took a bead
Oklahoma won last year

Played super, well past fear,
Opponents' hype they didn't heed.

Alhough OU was seeded but 10
They played great and they managed to win
Every game in Ok. City.
By showing no pity
Sent 'gator team home to its fen.

In game one, seemed no team would prevail
Seventeen innings 'fore 'gator fail.
Last batter out swinging
No fat lady singing
OU had its own Knighten*-gale.

Game two almost anti-climactic
Each coach dug down deep for a tactic
That would win them the game
Neither team deserves shame
Each played all-out and never didactic.

The 'gators were under the gun
Lose game 2 and go home, that's no fun
But for them things turned tragic
They faced "Sooner Magic"
Now twice in a row OU's won!

*Oklahoma sophomore Shay Knighten was named tournament MVP.

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