Thursday, June 1, 2017

2508-2510. Great Golf

OU's champ of the NCAA!
How super our golfers did play
Conclusion not foregone
That we would beat Or'gon
Who'd won it the previous May.

First McGreevey and Hale each won matches
Their opponents made bogeys in batches
Which helped us a lot
But it still left the plot,
"Which teammate will batten the hatches?"

Without any need for brass knucks
My Sooners did conquer the Ducks
Though his putter got balky
Hurray for Brad Dalke
His victory brought on the yucks!

It's been a great year for OU in minor sports.
Softball -- 2016 NCAA champs and begin defense of our title tonight
Gymnastics -- 2017 NCAA champs (men and women)
Tennis -- men's doubles team won NCAA's last week
Golf -- 2017 NCAA champs

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