Thursday, June 8, 2017

2523-2535. Stepping down without a frown

In this one, crimson is used when my alma mater is mentioned.

We were all caught off guard and said, "Oops!"
Stations' programming got knocked for loops
Yesterday they cut in 

And said, to our chagrin, 
The Sooners are losing Bob Stoops!

The announcement came out of the blue!
Or, in other words, only Bob knew
He was gonna step down
(But remain in the town)
He just felt 'twas the best thing to do.

The word is that he is not ill
Nor will this fall's team be less than bril'
Bob announced, "It is time,
Want to quit in my prime."
He's leaving HUGE Nikes to fill.

That task now befalls Lincoln Riley
An offensive mind thought of highly
On staff just two years
But no reason for fears,
The plays he comes up with are wily.

Now back to Coach Stoops, let's review:
1999, he arrived new
John Blake was a dope
And the fans had lost hope
Young Bobby knew just what to do.

He moved sev'ral players around
The defense he installed was more sound
After four straight bad seasons
The fan base had reasons
To know we were on the rebound.

That first year's team won seven games
Using guys with unusual names
Like Heupel and Hybl
And Torrance.  Q'd nibble
For yards, no more dying in flames.

And then the millenium turned,
Both Nebraska and Texas we burned
Plus K-State in the middle,
This team didn't piddle
Sooner Magic had fully returned!

Undefeated, but FSU, too.
In Miami we met to see who
Would be National Champs
OU gave the 'noles cramps,
Defeating them 13 to 2.

Three years in the following eight
We again played for BCS great-
ness in championship game
But could not ever claim
The top prize, it was just not our fate.

For eighteen years, Bob Stoops has led us,
We fans hungered for wins and he fed us
Fourteen times whipped O-State
'Horns eleven, how great!
No better coach ever did head us.

Though now gone, Bob owes fans no appeasin's
But we think we know one of the reasons...
Didn't want to forsake
Twin sons Isaac and Drake
As they each play their last high school seasons.

I could go on and on but it's tough
Rhyming verses (sometimes off the cuff)
But I think I'll close here,
Let's give one final cheer
For Coach Stoops.  Like you, he's had enough.

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