Monday, October 12, 2015

1864. Rosie: Can't rivet 'er

A woman in heavy construction
Would give horny workers some suction
In the cab of her truck
But she never would fuck
Due to fear it might cause reproduction.


  1. Dumb women like that never learn
    So what did she get in return?
    While sucking each one
    Did she have any fun?
    Sounds just too much like work
    Unless every jerk
    Gives this tramp enough money to burn.

    I've probably just created the eighth deadly sin by breaking the cardinal rule of limerick writing, but it's not every day that I get to be this adventurous.

    AABBA - not today
    AABBCCA - today

    I know I may get a public lashing for this one; maybe even a free tutorial/ lecture. Okay... shoot me now!


  2. What a boring world this would be if no one ever broke with tradition. You go, girl!