Tuesday, October 27, 2015

1877. Lackademia

At a college, it's "Publish or Perish"
So long as the books don't embarrish.
One with lim'ricks like mine
Would be way out of line
They are dirty or silly or garish.


  1. That college is run by a prude
    Or a nun who thinks fun is just rude
    Or a castrated monk
    Who must think that his junk
    Is a tube viewed as lewd in the nude.

    Poems dirty or silly or garish
    Are works of art some people cherish
    Your fans will implore
    That you keep writing more
    While the pious prudes preach in their parish.


  2. I was overwhelmed when I read them. Quite frankly, I am proud to now be the third best limericist on this blog!

  3. Wow, thanks guys! What generous, inspiring words, the ultimate high compliment coming from two educated, seasoned pros. I have to say though, that some of the writing tips you fellas gave me in recent past helped me out more than you know. Well, ain't we a team!