Wednesday, October 7, 2015

OP218-219. Welcome, Zelda!

I've gained many penpals through AWAD One of them is an 83-year-old American woman now living in Israel.
AWAD's theme this week is 'birds' and Zelda plans to submit these to the weekly compendium.  I think they'll get ink!

I never had heard of the gannet
So I typed it in Google and ran it.
Whether human or avian
At food it's 'behavian'
Disgustingly.  I say, let's ban it.

The plump, long-billed bird called the snipe
Gave its name to a mean, sneaky type
Of a shot or attack
Or a stab in the back,
Though the snipe's not a bird of that stripe.

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  1. Very nice. The more, the merrier around here.

    Mad Kane may enjoy her too.