Thursday, October 1, 2015

OP217. By Tim James via Mad Kane's site

The contest challenge this week is to rhyme chow or ciao.  I am no seer, but something tells me this one will be the winner, even though my #1850 and Dave's OP215 are solid entries.  Mr. James is just one of several worthy competitors THERE.

For a call girl she likes simple chow
But she charges a grand to drop trou
For a night’s worth of vice.
Here’s her totaled-up price:
Jug of wine, loaf of bread, and a thou.


  1. Well, Nostradamus, you were right. He may repeat with his bear verse this week. I'm also a bit partial to Brian's verse about Onan. Maybe that's because of my particular distaste for religion though - I think it's absurd to murder someone for pulling out. You've also got some good ones, and I liked that reply to me; that was very well done.

  2. Thanks, Dave. I told Mad on about Thursday of last week that I thought Tim's effort on "The Rubaiyat" looked like the winner to me. I probably shot myself in the foot by pointing it out!
    Congrats again to you for getting an Honorable Mention! I guess I'm gonna have to try harder...

    1. I was a bit surprised she chose my Lent limerick instead of the farewell verse I posted here, but I thought both were good.

      I'm surprised you're not getting more love over there.

  3. Wouldn't it be cool if she chose yours and mine on 'spillage' as a pair and gave each of us a blue ribbon?!
    Actually, I think my 10-line reply to Suzanne Heymann's might have a better chance.
    As always, though, we have Allgar, James, Johnson, and Bortz to contend with. Right now, though, your "ill Will" looks awfully good to me!

    1. Yes indeed! I was thinking similarly; yours coupled with David's is absolutely brilliant! (don't forget - 2 people won the Nobel Peace Prize just recently) so anything's possible!

      Your little comeback serenade caught me off guard completely; good shock value. Threw another one right back at ya.

    2. I wish you had left your name. Was that you, Ms. Heymann, who wrote the 12:33 am comment?

    3. Anonbymous, if you are indeed Ms. Heymann, if you're over the hill that should suit Phil just fine. As long as his wife doesn't find out...

      If you wanted to post some of your limericks here - whether they qualify at Mad's or not - I'm sure he'd welcome you. He's allowed me that privilege for years, and I think of him as my limerick mentor.

      Have a nice day.

    4. Thanks for the compliment on my ill Will limerick. I'm not certain it's perfect, so I may tinker with it, but I do like it.

      Perhaps that one's about Mr. Laughlin. It would explain why he hasn't sent in an entry this week. Of course, if he does, he may win - he's a better limerick writer than I am. I'm still not convinced I should have won in #229.

    5. I didn't mean to confuse you with the 'Anonymous' post. Yes it's me (Suzanne Heymann). I tried to post my name up, but the damn reply box thingy wouldn't let me; nothing else worked except the Anonymous tag being the only thing that let me into the system. Sorry about that, but I'm pathetically technologically-challenged (not so much out of laziness or stupidity, well, no one's around to help out and I'm not paying some techno geek $100 an hour to tutor me)

      By the way, hello David and Phil. You two have some of the best (and creative) entries on Madkane's limerick-off. You're in the top 4 for sure. I get a kick out of reading the stuff on there.

      To David: nice kooky comment, had a good chuckle, and thanks for your timely advice.

      To the Limericist: that is you Phil, right? David says you might let me post some limericks here, but I don't know the requirements for doing so. What do I have to do? (It had better not be something done in a Coupe de Ville! I'm too far out of reach anyway, in a remote, probably-unheard-of place in this world...)

  4. This is an awkward way to communicate, Suz. Please email me at and I will get back to you on Friday as I will be out all evening.

    My blog's StatCounter shows that you are getting on the 'net from Nanaino, BC. That can't be as out of the way as Reddekopp's town -- Swift Current, Saskatchewan, can it?

  5. Yes, that's right, I'm from Swift Current.

    I actually lived in Nanaimo during the summer of 2005. Small world. Beautiful city. Phil, if you're wondering, it's on Vancouver Island, a couple hours ferry ride off the mainland, if I remember right. I'm closer to you than she is.

    Suzanne, thank you for the compliment. It's thanks to Phil that I found Mad's site - he posted the link here a few months back so I checked it out. The Limerick-Offs scratched me right where I itch.

    Phil, I didn't mean to put you on the spot. I just don't see any reason to not let her in, so I suggested it. Besides, it would probably be nice to have some other people posting here once in a while, aside from you and me. And Suzanne has some talent. I hope you don't mind.