Sunday, October 11, 2015

1863. Bathtub racing? Weird!

Reader Suzanne is from a city on Vancouver Island.  Google my final word to understand(?) the title.
Label makers from company DYMO
Might be used in commission of crime, oh!
They resemble a gun
With a trigger that's fun
For creating town names like 'Nanaimo.'


  1. Our mayor Frank Ney , though delirious
    Created a sport quite mysterious
    Though sounding irrational
    It's gone international
    So yes, bathtub racing is serious!


  2. That gets an 'A,' Suzanne. If you hadn't re-used 'though' I would have given you an A+!

    I'm assuming a claw-foot tub would have too much drag... correct?

    1. Thank you, yes you're right; I coulda woulda shoulda changed the first "though' to "who's"

      The races, when they first began in 1967, did have clumsy claw-foot tubs that weren't very seaworthy, and therefore funny as hell to watch, but over the years, they got smarter, kept modifying it until the claw-foot now is smaller and sits inside a speedboat, diminishing some of the fun, romance and humor of it. But that's why we now have an annual silly boat regatta where contestants have to build a homemade seacraft from materials they bring with them, put it together then and there and hope it takes them a few hundred feet. Now THAT'S hilarious to watch!


    2. Brownie points for you, my friend. You're also good for my ego.