Sunday, September 11, 2016

2230-2231. Oklahomans talk funny

There's a town way northeast in our state
Getting mispronounced is its sad fate
Don't end it with "mee"
Say "muh" and you'll see
That with folks in Miami, you'll rate.

To Czechs, something seems rather vague
Have we Okies all suffered from plague?
Why's our pronunciation
Of their major station
Not come out as "Prahg," but as "Prayg?"


  1. Mr.Limericist, I detect Czechered syntax in #2131, but I offer you draughts that jumped out at me which may capture your fancy rather than make king you get all in a huff.
    For simplicity I'll opt for a prosaic presentation. I am reading lines 3 and 5 as "Why is our pronunciation...not come out as 'Prahg'..." It makes more sense when one reads "Why does our pronunciation...not come out..." To obtain "why does" from "Why's" is a stretch for me. But dropping the S from "Why's" and rearranging line 5 produces "Why our pronunciation...comes out not as 'Prahg' but as 'Prayg.'" (with no interrogative)

  2. Why's commonly used slang bother you, bro?

    Your "prosaic presentation" seems to present worse prosody than my

    Why's our PROnunciAtion
    Of THEIR major STAtion
    Not COME out as "PRAHG," but as "PRAYG?"

    Please re-comment, Shakespeare, simply presenting the entire limerick as you like it, for I don't think I've posted a comedy of errors.

  3. Avon my soul, Mr.Limericist, I didn't mean to coriolanus! I was just a-cymbeline some possibilities of how you meant to expand the contraction of "Why's," better to fit the timon of your story line. I apologize that I may have offended you by suggesting that your syntax was not the titus, andronicus from the Master. In the future I will troilus to appear so critical. Here is my revision, measure for measure:

    To Czechs, something seems rather vague.
    Have we Okies all suffered from plague?
    Why our pronunciation
    Of their major station
    Comes out not as "Prahg," but as "Prayg."

  4. You're living on bard time and are being far too Puckish.

    If you'd prefer that 'Why' not act as an interrogative then it needs a following comma, imo. Otherwise, one thinks it IS beginning a question rather than a declaration.

    'For' would be more sensible than 'Why' in your version.