Friday, September 9, 2016

2226-2228. Places I've been

In January, 2015 I wrote Nrs. 1586-1598 about Oklahoma towns.  It's time for more...

A creationist down in Durant
Cannot be convinced to recant
He's dumb as a door knob
And does a real poor job
Of stating his case with a rant.

Oklahoma's small town known as Hugo

Loves tourists but only a few go
It spawned B.J. Thomas
That's true, and I promise

Its hist'ry will please you if you go.

If your car should break down while in Cushing
And the shop guy says, "You need a bushing,"
Better get it replaced
Or you'll be real red-faced
From advancing your auto by pushing.

1 comment:

  1. All 3 are quite clever, most likely all are true stories - you're good at combining rhyme with non-fiction (I especially enjoy the limericized snippets of your autobiography). I did enjoy the slide show after I clicked onto your blue words, "Its hist'ry" I never knew there was a resting place set aside just for deceased circus workers. Fascinating stuff. Interesting tombstones. I noticed that only one person reached the age of 80. All the others died at a much younger age (must have been from the stress of not screwing up their act where it would have killed them if they did).