Sunday, September 4, 2016

2221. What the Eff?

Oklahoma had a 5.6 temblor yesterday, felt in six states.  Environmentalists continue to blame fracking as the cause.  Most geologists blame wastewater injection as the culprit.

That fairy should furl up his flag
Knocking fossil fuels folks can defrag
He fears too much flack
If a fault we should frack
Let the fool hug a fir, the damned fag!


  1. Here, here! I agree with your protest. Good limerick too, following the rule on keeping the alphabetted word on each stressed syllable (good boy), but I'm surprised you didn't use the famous, ever-so-handy F-word in there somewhere, hehe.

  2. Believe me, I wanted to but I couldn't think of another "F word" that would rhyme.

  3. Well, it didn't have to be the rhyme word.

    That said, this is a high-quality verse.