Sunday, September 20, 2015

OP213. The show won't go on

The star was upset, went berserk
She thought that her boss was a jerk
"Would Hannah Montana
Play second banana?"
Now Miley's on strike.  She won't twerk.

God, I hate that word...  Bit of a dated reference, but it makes the limerick work.

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  1. As to this one and OP212, Dave, your 5th-line double entendres are devilishly delightful! Good surrounding lines, too.

    And congratz for yet again earning an 'honorable mention' from Mad Kane, using "duck." Your 10-liner on Bugs, Elmer and Daffy was indeed ribbon-worthy. I'll paste it in below:

    A duck and a rabbit? What luck!
    A dilemma – poor Elmer is stuck
    Some believe that Bugs Bunny
    Was fiendishly funny
    To say it’s the season for duck.

    But I reckon the rabbit’s a schmuck
    If you sell out your friend, then you suck
    Shots went by the duck’s head
    Should he drop and play dead?
    What I’d do is tell Daffy to duck.