Sunday, September 27, 2015

PD193-196. Borderline bawdy

There was a young woman named Pat
Who offered to do this or that
When speaking of 'this'
She meant more than a kiss
So imagine her meaning of 'that!'

In anything written by Dickens,
It's certain the plot always thickens;
With characters, themes
And digressions it teems;
As for sex, though, it's mighty slim pickin's.

Though his plan, when he gave her a buzz,
Was to do what man norm'ly does,
She declared, "I'm a Soul
Not a sexual goal!"
So he shrugged and called someone who was.

 You must get it up, to begin.
 Or else, you will not get it in.
 If you will allow
 I will just show you how:
 Keep your head down - and aim for the pin.

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