Friday, September 18, 2015

1837-1840. A maze made of maize

Recently, Mad Kane's contest word was 'maze' or 'amaze' (or a homophone,)
It's summertime; I love to laze
By the pool on a plastic-strap chaise
Longue hours I oft lay there
With fat on display there
From gobbling Lays chips made of maize.

It's a known fact that horses can't graze
Whenever they're hooked up to shays
But once they're unbridled
You may find they've sidled
Right up to a manger of maize.

Drugged-up suspects ne'er cease to amaze
Even after police have to tase
Them to get them subdued
They're combative and rude
Acting crazed in a meth-induced daze.

When my old eyes upon a gal gaze
And I ask, "How about a few lays?"
Even if she says, "Yes,"
Once she's out of her dress
There's a diff'rence between 'cans' and 'mays.'

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