Sunday, September 6, 2015

1824. Re: OP208 (below)

Dave pooh-poohed his vic'try, but shouldn't
Ninety vied for first prize but we couldn't
Out do him.  All zealots,
But Dave's take on prelates
Meant that, as for winning, we wouldn't.

Outstanding achievement, David Reddekopp!  I have been entering Mad Kane's Limerick-offs for at least a month longer than you and have yet to garner the top prize. 

You worked in some great alliteration in lines 3 and 5, and put both alliteration AND asonance into L2 with, "priest's not policed," but the overall story, rhyme, and that final word double entendre is, imo, what won it for you.  I'm humbled, yet proud at the same time, as I think of you as a former student.  You need no further help.  Congratulations!! 

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  1. Thanks. I told Mad you'd probably be proud...or jealous. Maybe both.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure the final word won it for me. I think it was a good limerick, I won't deny that, but I was surprised to win because of Will T. Laughlin's masterpiece directly below it. I was sure Will was gonna win; I never would have come up with that. But Mad's taste has surprised us before, and I'm sure it will again.

    As for you, I'm sure it won't be too much longer. If I can win one, so can you. You've been close several times.

    This is the 11th contest I've entered.